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Hello, i'm Jorge Hernández

Full-Stack Web Developer & Desktop Developer

What do you want to know about me?

My history.

I was born in Venezuela on May 15, 1997 , I started in the world of programming at the young age of 14 years . During the day, I tried to fulfill my duties and obligations, I focused on high school, I studied and learned new things, at night, I sat in front of my old computer to write code in C ++ .

My passion for computer science is rooted in a great interest that I had to learn how online games worked, I started working and rewriting code of a game called Gunz: The Duel. Since then I have not I stopped experimenting with the game, every morning I found myself compiling code with Visual Studio 2003, without any economic compensation, only my desire to learn to master the technologies that interested me at that time. I managed to learn to work with Sockets, Object Physics with DirectX, NPC Behavior (AI), and many other things that strengthened me mentally, since I felt ready for any challenge.

My university studies were a great encouragement at the beginning, I had to travel some time, but the desire to learn much more this career gave me the strength of will to move forward. But it was just the opposite, teachers of practical subjects such as "Programming" , simply limited to theoretical evaluations, some teachers (Systems Engineers) explained concepts out of place , wrong, and wrong. As a result, in 2015 I left my university studies, to dedicate myself to what I like to do most, build systems, innovate, build the dreams of others, hoping some day to feel totally prepared to build Mine.

This is just a summary of my story, dear reader, thank you for reading.

Jorge Hernández,
Full-Stack Web Developer & Desktop Developer
27/10/2018. 04:32 a.m.

My skills.

  • PHP

  • EXP. 4 years
  • Laravel

  • EXP. 3 years
  • CodeIgniter

  • EXP. 3 years
  • WordPress

  • EXP. 1 year
  • JavaScript

  • EXP. 3 years
  • CSS

  • EXP. 4 years
  • Bootstrap

  • EXP. 3 years
  • Angular

  • EXP. 1/2 year (improving)
  • NodeJS

  • EXP. 1 year (training)
  • .NET

  • EXP. 3 years

My portfolio.

Net & Soft Solutions

My Mission

I am in a boom, growth stage, full of positive and negative experiences in my day to day, my mission is nothing less than building the products and / or services that my clients dream and need, therefore, to hire me you will not only receive a product, you will receive my commitment to the growth of your system, my best advice and a technical guide on how to make your project as good as possible.

My Vision

The world changes significantly with the passing of days, and I think I adapt to it, so my view is always fixed towards learning, because it never stops learning, and for me, it means never stop being an apprentice, the overcoming is key to personal growth, my vision is to be a professional capable of solving any problem, capable of encouraging my desire to grow, as the desire of my colleagues and clients, be a craftsman of technology and personal growth.

Allies and Customers.

Contact me.

I am very interested in knowing your opinion, if you want to contact me either for SUGGESTIONS, BUSINESSES or PROJECTS, you can do it through the contact box.

Please be prudent with the urgency assigned, urgent messages are read beforehand.



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